20 Feet Hard Top High Cube Container


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20 Feet Hard Top High Cube Container

20 Feet Hard Top High Cube shipping container has a removable steel roof and moveable rear top rail enabling the container to be loaded from above. These containers have an internal height of 30 cm more than the standard Hard Top’s.


  • • Similar in function to Open Top Containers
  • • Specially designed to transport heavy cargo that is best loaded by crane and cargo that extends out of the top of the container
  • • Equipped with a removable steel roof
  • • 30 cm higher than standard containers
  • • If the cargo protrudes out of the container, the roof can be removed and attached to the inside of the container
  • • This allows the container to be reused to carry general cargo on a possible return trip and thus reduce the cost of empty positioning
  • • Goods can best be secured to the interior lashing points located in the vicinity of the side walls only when the roof is on
  • • Some models also have a swinging header (rear top rail) to facilitate easier loading operations
  • • Roof opening can vary depending on the model (one or more pieces)

10ft-20ft-40ft Hard Top containers are available with following variations:

  • – Plywood floor
  • – Stainless steel floor
  • – High cube and half height sizes
  • – Alternative external height
  • – Dedicated internal fitting for cargo securing
  • – IP2 certification
  • – Decontaminable painting

20ft Hard Top High Cube Container Specifications

  • Width: 2438 mm
  • Length: 6058 mm
  • Height: 2896 mm


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  2. 2- TS 1360 Series 1 – Cargo Container – Dimensions and Gross Mass
  3. 3- TS 1358 Series 1 – Cargo Container – Corner Connection Parts – Properties
  4. 4- CSC and DNV standarts
  • • Part 1: Offshore containers — Design, manufacture and marking, The European Standard EN 12079-1:2006 has the status of a  British Standard
  • • Part 2: Lifting sets — Design, manufacture and marking, The European Standard EN 12079-2:2006 has the status of a British  Standard
  • • Part 3: Periodic inspection, examination and testing , The European Standard EN 12079-3:2006 has the status of a British Standard
  • • ACE I , ACE II , ACE III


  • • Internal dimensions and weights are based on shipping line’s and manufacturer’s specifications. Tolerances must always be  taken into account by shipper. Above mentioned details are to be considered as a guideline only.
  • • Weight restrictions may be considered throughout the whole transport leg. National rules and regulations for road and rail  transport, capacity limitations of cranes in seaport and inland-terminals as well as other factors may overrule the possible  payload of a container.
  • • For precise case-by-case information consult your local Freight Forwarder, Packaging Specialist or the specific shipping line you are going to book with.

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