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10ft High Cube Open Top Container Specifications

10ft High Cube Open Top Container Specifications

  • Width: 2438 mm
  • Length: 2991 mm
  • Height: 2896 mm


  1. 1- TS 1356 Series 1 – Cargo Container – General Cargo Containers – For General Purposes
  2. 2- TS 1360 Series 1 – Cargo Container – Dimensions and Gross Mass
  3. 3- TS 1358 Series 1 – Cargo Container – Corner Connection Parts – Properties
  4. 4- CSC and DNV standarts
  • • Part 1: Offshore containers — Design, manufacture and marking, The European Standard EN 12079-1:2006 has the status of a  British Standard
  • • Part 2: Lifting sets — Design, manufacture and marking, The European Standard EN 12079-2:2006 has the status of a British  Standard
  • • Part 3: Periodic inspection, examination and testing , The European Standard EN 12079-3:2006 has the status of a British Standard
  • • ACE I , ACE II , ACE III


  • • Internal dimensions and weights are based on shipping line’s and manufacturer’s specifications. Tolerances must always be  taken into account by shipper. Above mentioned details are to be considered as a guideline only.
  • • Weight restrictions may be considered throughout the whole transport leg. National rules and regulations for road and rail  transport, capacity limitations of cranes in seaport and inland-terminals as well as other factors may overrule the possible  payload of a container.
  • • For precise case-by-case information consult your local Freight Forwarder, Packaging Specialist or the specific shipping line you are going to book with.

Buy 10ft High Cube Shipping Container Online

10ft High Cube shipping container

10ft shipping container

Buy 10ft High Cube Shipping Container

Buy 10ft High Cube Shipping Container from a reliable USA supplier. 10 Feet  High Cube shipping containers can be used to perform a variety of functions. Whether it’s versatile boxes to store machinery or bulk goods, transport goods and equipment that cannot fit into a standard hard top container, or for items that need to be loaded using a crane. This size specification is suitable for small, local jobs and also industrial jobs that take less room. The high cube feature is an added bonus without much added cost. It allows the job to have room vertically for a variation of jobs.

Key Features of our 10ft High Cube Shipping Containers
  • Lockable door handles
  • Forklift pockets to help with transportation
  • Wind and water resistant
  • Built with either steel or aluminium exterior and a stainless steel interior
  • ISO certified and CSC plated for transporting by rail, sea and road
  • Available in: 10ft, 20ft, 40ft sizes, as well as High Cube (9′ 6″ high) options
  • Hire, purchase, or request modifications
  • We deliver worldwide

10ft High Cube Dry Van Container SpecificationsBuy 10ft High Cube Shipping Container Online

All specifications are indicative. Individual container dimensions may differ.

External Nominal Dimensions
Internal Dimensions
Cubic Capacity
Tare Weight
Max Gross Weight
Max Payload
Designed, Built and Certified
3 m x 2.43 m x 2.6 m (high), 10’ x 8’ x 8’ 6” (high)
2.8 m x 2.34 m x 2.4 m, 9’ 3” x 7’ 7” x 7’ 9”
15.8 m³, 558 ft³
1,480 kgs, 3,256 lbs
11,900 kgs, 26,180 lbs
10,420 kgs, 22,924 lbs
Steel or aluminium exterior, stainless steel interior
ISO Certified

Buy 10ft High Cube shipping container

where can i buy 10ft High Cube Shipping Container

Long Beach Off-Coast Port is one of America’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of shipping containers, delivering them throughout the USA, individuals and to the mining, construction, agricultural and corporate sectors. We offer new, used, modified and customised shipping containers for sale in a variety of sizes and types, with fast and efficient service direct to your worksite, business or home. And with multiple depots all over Australia, we can usually have your order to you within a few days.

Brand New Factory Price GP and High Cube Type 10 foot Container

Our range of open top DNV 2.7-1/EN 12079 designed and certified containers are perfectly adapted for transportation of cargo and equipment which requires loading by crane. Supplied with certified wire rope slings and shackles and cargo door nets to offer further safety in transit, the 10ft standard open top fleet is ideally suited for the harsh offshore requirements.

Used for the transportation of equipment, they can be supplemented by cargo nets to improve the security and stability of the products within. They also have internal tie down points, are stack-able, have adequate drainage and (as with all our products) are available for short or long term hire, purchase or lease purchase.

These units are also stackable, saving lay down area and will come with multiple tiedown points to ensure your cargo is anchored securely. Integrated forklift pockets in the base allow for ease of manoeuvring and bow bars for securement of tarpaulins.

 Brief description — 10 feet HC container:
Material: Corten steel  (Atmospheric-corrosion-resistant, high-strength steel), corner casting (SCW490), plywood (Apitong), gasket (EPDM) ect.
Dimension: 10′ x 8′ x 8’6”
SOC container: Loading your own cargoes then shipped together.
Working temperature: -40 °c to +70°c
Meet requirement: ISO, UIC, TIR, CSC, TCT
Approved by: BV GL ABS DNV LR, etc.
Port: we have cooperate with container yards in China main ports, such as Qingdao, Shanghai, Dalian, Ningbo, Guangzhou, Xiamen, etc.
Other related products: Dry and reefer container, offshore containers, container parts, etc.

Real product display — 10 feet container:

GP Type 10 feet container:
2 pcs or 4 pcs connected as one 20ft or one 40ft container:

Buy 10ft High Cube shipping container

HQ Type 10 feet container

10 Feet Hard Top High Cube Shipping Container

You can order your containers from Long Beach Off-Coast Port at any time of the day or night. This process is entirely digital with an easy check-out process. So easy, you can complete your order in only a few minutes.

Long Beach Off-Coast Port offers several shipping options. If you select one of the delivery options, your container will be delivered to your location within the delivery window you’ve selected after the order payment date.

For those that need their containers quicker, select the pick-up option and you can pick up your container the following business day after placing your order. If you choose the pick-up option, you can pick up your container the following business day after placing your order.


Package — 10 High Cube feet HC container

Non package requirements for 10 feet shipping container. SOC container, 2 pcs or 4 pcs connected as one 20ft or 40ft container to arrange shipment.

We can deliver most kinds of shipping containers to the worldwide ports.
— Need have cargoes in the USA
— Really costive, wasting inside space.


 What Can We Do For You?
» Exported more than 80↑ countries till 2019.
» Qualified Products Guaranteed: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV·GL, LR, etc
» 30 ~ 45 days’ free store in our CY.
» Personalize service like your named logo & color.
» Prompt response in working days.
» Full range products: Dry and reefer container, offshore container, and parts,etc.

 Our Products & service:

NEW BUILD 10ft Dangerous Good Storage Container - Shipping Containers for Sale, National Depot Network
Long Beach Off-Coast Port: 4ft ~ 53ft shipping container, 60ft / OEM dimension
Reefer container type: 8ft 10ft 12ft 20ft 40ft shipping container china price:
Offshore container type: OEM dimensions, offshore mini, offshore basket, offshore reefer container.
Full range of shipping container parts
Non – used, new container provided SOC / One service container for standard type.
Working temperature for dry container: ranging from -40 °C to + 70 °C
Inside design temperature reefer container: -30 °C to + 30 °C.
Design temperature for offshore container: -20 °C.

Buy 10ft High Cube shipping container

Applications for 10-Foot High Cube Shipping Containers


Use 10-foot cargo containers to store materials and equipment on sites with limited space. Our 10-foot containers are ideal for use as guard shacks, offices, and medical stations.

Other common uses across a range of industries include:

Buy 10ft High Cube Shipping Container Online

  • Construction: Store valuable gear, landscaping tools, and materials on-site
  • Education: Store janitorial equipment, furniture, and school supplies during remodeling
  • Healthcare: Store medical records and maintenance equipment
  • Government agencies: Store government documents and other highly sensitive materials
  • Agriculture: Store farm equipment, tools, and machinery
  • Warehouses: Use as dock-level storage units
  • Amusement parks: Use as ticket-distribution units
  • Telecom: Use as shelters for base transceiver station (BTS) units
  • Pipelines: Employ as plug-and-use remote terminal units (RTU) for monitoring

FAQ — 10 feet High Cube container

10 feet High Cube container
Q: If I want to buy a 10 foot Shipping container, what kind of method is the best?
A: Usually it is a good deal to buy container loading your own cargoes then shipped together, which is called SOC container, and we have rich experience to handle that.

Q: Do you accept small quantity order?
A: Yes, 2 pcs for 10 foot container.

Q: Color & logo can be choose?
A: No problem

Q: Can you help me modify the container?
A: No problem, we can modify container house, shop, hotel, or some simple fabrication, etc.

If you need more info. for 10 feet container, pls feel free to contact us:

we deliver shipping containers to and partner with customers from major industries, such as commercial, construction, retail, education, and theme parks. We help you arrive at the perfect price for containers.

We rent at a 30-day billing plan at no extra cost, unlike the usual 28-day billing cycle. Mobile Modular Portable Storage delivers the shipping containers in excellent condition and delivered on the scheduled day with our own fleet of trucks and trailers. This means you can expect delivery according to your timeline.

We serve multiple locations across the US. Speak to our dedicated support team for custom options and a free quote.

10-Foot High Cube Shipping Container

Shipping container.
NEW “One Trip” containers are shipped from Asia with a single container cargo load. These containers are referred to as “new” or in “like new” condition. One trip containers are ideal if appearance and longevity are top priorities.

USED cargo worthy containers are certified for global transport based on the condition of the doors, floor, walls, and ceiling. Dents, rust, and corroded paint may be present. The unit is leak proof.

Using Your Container For Export? You’ll Need a CSC Survey.

For customers who plan to export their container, please make sure to purchase a CWO (cargo worthy) or One Trip container as well as a CSC Survey. Please note that we cannot move loaded containers, and strong recommend customers that are exporting their container work with their shipping company to pick-up the container after the survey is complete.


Buy 10ft High Cube shipping container Online

Long Beach Off-Coast Port warranty.
Each storage container is durable, secure, and weatherproof. The Warranty Coverage Period for New ISO shipping containers is ten years from the date of purchase from Long Beach Off-Coast Port. The Warranty Coverage Period for Used Cargo Worthy ISO shipping containers is five years from the date of purchase from Long Beach Off-Coast Port. A leak-proof unit guarantee included.

During the warranty period, Long Beach Off-Coast Port will repair, using new or refurbished replacement parts, or replace units or parts of a container at no charge. The container must prove defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance.

Long Beach Off-Coast Port Delivery services
Long Beach Off-Coast Port transforms an essential service into the customer experience with on-demand storage unit delivery services for customers. We need to know things like door direction, site contact, and that you have enough space for the truck to deliver the container safely.

Customers have scheduled deliveries to ensure consistency. At Long Beach Off-Coast Port, we have a dedicated team that helps our customers to plan better and operate smarter. Emergency transportation services are available. Reduce your overall logistics costs and request our 3 – 7-day truck and trailer delivery move.

We believe in providing up-front and transparent pricing to our customers.


Buy 10ft High Cube shipping container

Shipping Containers For Sale | Buy Shipping Containers

Long Beach Off-Coast Port has a huge selection of shipping containers for sale. In addition to selling the standard General Purpose, High Cube and Side Opening containers, we are proud to be Australia’s specialist supplier and manufacturer of modified shipping containers.

From site offices, first aid rooms, portable accommodation, kitchens, lunch rooms, and switch rooms; to storage containers, dangerous goods containers, training containers and ablution blocks. Whatever your work-site or property requires, Port can modify a container to perfectly match your needs.

Long Beach Off-Coast Port products and solutions.
Long Beach Off-Coast Port can provide standard, insulated, refrigerated, freezer, and office containers in 10′ – 45′ standard, custom, or high cube size.

If you require easy accessibility to your cargo, our fleet of shipping containers for sale offers an assortment of entry configurations, including quad doors, doors on both ends, roll-up doors, or open side doors.

Purchase air-conditioned job-site offices, trade show booths, living spaces, or extra-large dry storage units for your personal or company items. All units are leak-proof and durable for relocation, pack up, and shipping.

Buy 10ft High Cube shipping container Online

How to Buy a Shipping Container:

Pick-up: 2-3 Business Days
Delivery: 4-7 Business Days

After you order, we’ll be in touch within one business day to confirm your order and coordinate the logistics. To ensure everyone’s safety, only customers with the proper equipment should select intermodal depot pick-up (please allow 2-3 business days for release information). Delivery is optional and calculated at checkout by zip code.  Contact us with any questions, we’re always happy to help.

Selecting the right container & buying containers online

Browse the website for new and used containers that meet your requirements. If you are unsure please contact our container sales team for advice and information.  buy your container online. Select your container and accessories and follow the simple checkout process.

10ft High Cube shipping container For Sale

The Trucks are Big, and We Need Space to Deliver

Our haulers need 80′ of additional space in order to deliver a 40′ shipping container (120′ of total space), plus room for the truck to maneuver. Please make sure you’ve got space for delivery. 20′ shipping containers are delivered on a different size truck, and so we only need an additional 55′ of space (75′ of total space) to deliver 20′ containers.

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