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Buy Expandable Deluxe container home

Buy Expandable Deluxe container home

Premium edition of our standard expandable prefab/container home features stunning exterior design, top-tier materials, expert craftsmanship, and exceptional quality. Crafted with prefabricated walls and floors, the portable unit offers comfort during habitation, efficiency during transportation, and ample space when expanded, complete with a built-in restroom. The product’s user-friendly design requires just a few uncomplicated steps to unfold over the course of hours.



  • Closed: 5.98m×1.80m×H 2.65m
  • Open: 5.98m×4.27m×H 2.65m
  • 1-bath+1-kitchen+1-living+1-bedroom


  1. Floor Module:

0.426mm Colored Steel Sheet + Steel Frame + 89mm PU + 8mm PVC

  1. General Kitchen and Bathroom Module
  • Front and back wall: 7.5mm Plank + Steel Frame + 80mm PU + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard
  • Sidewall: 27mm craved metal board + 9mm OSB board + steel frame + 50mm glass wool + 9mm OSB board + 9mm bamboo and wood fiberboard
  • Partition wall: 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard + 9mm OSB Board + Steel Frame + 50mm Glass Wool + 9mm OSB Board + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard
  1. Ceiling Module

0.426mm Colored Steel Sheet + Steel Frame +80mm PU + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard

  1. Foldable Module

27mm Craved Metal Board + Steel Frame +75mm PU + 9mm Bamboo and Wood Fiberboard

  1. Doors & Windows Module

Aluminum alloy door frame + Double-layer tempered glass (5+9+5)

Aluminum alloy window frame + Double-layer tempered glass (5+9+5)


  • Can be loaded a on standard trailer for land transport
  • 2 units can be fitted into one 40′ HIGH-CUBE container for ocean freight
  • Only one machine (forklift/ telehandler/ crane) is needed for on and off-loading, setting up, and tearing down


  • Quick set up and tear down (4 people in 8 hours)
  • Demountable & relocatable, luxury exterior & interior design
  • Multifunctionality: accommodation, office, storage, first aid, disaster relief, or any other purpose

Design Features:

  • Wind Load: Up to 200 kM/h
  • Roof Snow Load: 1.0 kN/m2
  • Seismic Resistance: Grade 9 (Category F in the U.S.)
  • Fire resistance: Grade 3 (0.5 hours)
  • Soundproofing: 60db
  • Anticorrosion: 20 years
  • Service life: 50 years

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  1. Oliver Palnau

    Recently changed to Long Beach Steel Corp not just for price but for their great reputation. Everyone from the original contact person to the delivery driver was hospitable. After the delivery, which came the next day and I had a question. They immediately got back to me and she was just as friendly. If you are looking for a great company with superior customer service this company is for you.

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