Clip On Carrier Genset for sale


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Clip On Carrier Genset for sale

We do offer Clip On Carrier Genset for sale at the best rates. Carrier genset(s) ensure efficient cooling anywhere in the world. Are you looking to buy Carrier gensets for your organization? We look forward to helping you out. Gensets are intended for reefer containers and tank containers that need a constant power supply. With gensets, a distinction is made between the underslung genset and the clip-on genset.

Four Stroke Heavy Duty High Performance Industrial Diesel Engine.

Engine Filtration System
• Air Filter
• Fuel Filter
• Full Flow Lubo Oil Filter
All filters have replaceable elements.

Clip On Carrier Genset for sale


Cooling System
Efficient water-cooled system with complete safety guards, designed to cool the engine at high ambient temperatures (consult us for de-ration factors).

Exhaust System
Heavy duty industrial exhaust silencer.

Circuit Breaker Type
Delixi MCCB 3pole.

Prime Power
These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in lieu of commercially purchased power. 10% overload power is available for 1 hour in 12 hours continuous operation.

Standby Power
These ratings are applicable for supplying continuous electrical power (at variable load) in the event of a utility power failure. No overload is permitted.

CXW GENCN%20%282%29

Standard Reference Conditions
Output ratings are presented at 27℃ air inlet temperature, barometric pressure 100kPa, relative humidity 30%. This generating set is designed to operate at high ambient temperature (up to 45℃), humidity (up to 70%) and high altitudes. De-ration may apply, please consult us for specific site ratings.

Anti-Vibration Mounting Dumper
Dumpers are affixed between the engine and alternator feet and the chassis, thus ensuring complete vibration isolation of rotating assembly.

The engine and alternator are directly coupled by means of an SAE flange. The engine flywheel is flexibly coupled to the alternator rotor.

Safety Guards
The fan and fan drive along with the battery charging alternator are safety guard protected for personal protection.

Quality Standards
The equipment meets the following standards: BS4999, BS5000, BS5514, IEC60034, VDE0530 and ISO8528.

All of the generating sets are covered under a warranty policy for a period of 12 months or 1 year (whichever comes earlier) of the equipment is in line with manufacturers warranty terms and conditions.

Fuel System
On generating sets up to 750kVA standby, the chassis design is incorporated with integral fuel tank with a capacity of approx 5 hours to 8 hours running at full load. The tank is supplied complete with fill cap, breather, fuel feed and return lines to the engine and drain plug.

Insulation System
The insulation system is Class H. All windings are impregnated in either a triple dip thermosetting liquid, oil and acid resisting polyester varnish or vacuum pressure impregnated with a special polyester resin. Heavy coat of antitracking varnish additional protection against moisture or condensation.

Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
The fully sealed automatic voltage regulator maintains the voltage regulation at ±1%.


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